Why Are There Similar-Looking Products on Amazon?

TL;DR: If you see the SAME product at different prices, buy the cheapest one.

I wanted to buy a desk lamp recently, so I opened Amazon and tried to find a solid lamp. However, I was confused when I saw these two products:

Amazon desk lamp search result

They look exactly the same! Why are they sold by different stores and priced differently?

I searched online. Some people mentioned that Amazon allows you to sell the "same" product under different brands. Nevertheless, why is there a price difference if it is produced by the same supplier?

Some people have suggested that shipping might cause this to happen, but they are both shipped by Amazon and the shipping costs should be the same.

I asked a friend who involves in international trade, and he told me actually these brands are operated by the same entity. There are two reasons for doing so:

  • Having multiple brands allows merchants to gain more exposure. New OEMs usually do this because they need to increase their popularity in a short period of time
  • This is a pricing strategy: some customers believe that spending more money can get better products

He also mentioned sometimes there are some differences in the packaging. Also, in some rare cases, products are the same, but certifications are different. These will not affect the quality of the product itself.

In conclusion, if two products look the same, go for the cheaper one; they usually don't differ in quality.